Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post graduation

YEAY, I've graduated! :) Now I am finally a real pharmacists, with the fancy "Cand. Pharm" title! My defense went really well, and I am very proud to have wrapped up my 6 years of studying! Here is a link to the video recording of my defense

As I was describing in previous posts, I am not sure what I want to work with professionally. I have many ideas though, and I am currently working on a strategy to get a job that makes sense! More about this later on. Right now I'd like to turn to a slightly more frustrated topic - being unemployed. 

During my studies I was always looking forward to holidays and graduation... Time where I didn't have to feel bad because I was neglecting my homework, friends, workout, etc. I was looking forward to free time, time I could spend reading books, with friends, at museums, going through old photos, or whatever. Now I have time, and what do I do? Nothing... I have more time at hand than ever before, fewer tasks and responsibilities, but I get nothing done. Yet I am also more stressed, than I've been for a long time!

Its a bit of a paradox... It takes A LOT of "busy-ness" to stress me out, but I can't handle not to be busy. I get frustrated and lazy, despite the fact that I actually have a lot of things to do. I could easily fill my day with productive tasks, but I can't even really point out how I actually spend my time! All the projects I've been working on during my studies now appear to be unmanageably demanding, though the amount of work is the same and I have more time than ever.

So well, lesson learned - being busy is good for me. :) Therefore, the meeting I had with my thesis advisor, Lotte, November 8th, came at a good time. We agreed that I should spend some time writing a journal article from my thesis, which will give me a bit of actual work to do in December. I left the meeting feeling energized and motivated to get started - another sign that I really need to find a job, I suppose!

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